Unlock your alternate ending with WORDS… in real life


Fuel your good intentions to unlock the alternate ending to your life by embedding guiding words into your day.

As you commit to the journey toward big change, you will need to find words that inspire and re-anchor you whenever your mind gets consumed by the distractions of daily life. Unexpected events will leave you in a mindless and reactive mode–a place for your lesser self and older habits. Embedding the words of your wise mind into objects in daily life is a way of reaching out a helping hand to your future self.

I was thrown off course one day by tough news, and just as I almost fell into victim mode, I saw a message I’d placed on my phone: “CHOOSE AMAZING.” I took pause and asked myself “How can I transform my reaction to this bad event into something amazing that I choose, vs. just react to?” I wrangled a bad event and used it as a springboard to accelerate my bigger goals… All thanks to the words of my wise mind being right where I needed them.

Embed totems everywhere and help your wise mind speak when your tired mind needs a helping hand. Use totems to redirect you toward your higher purpose.