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Attach these words to whatever you carry with you… so you’ll never again be pulled off your path by distractions and timewasters. You CAN do everything that your are invited to do, but you CANNOT achieve your big goals if you say yes to anything that will consume the few minutes you have left in this life. Once you’ve done the work of defining your purpose, and making the tough choices to whittle your current activities down to a short list of 3 areas of focus, you need to start living in alignment with these tough, purpose-driven choices. Every yes you give to the outside world is a NO to your goals. So hold this keychain close to reconnect yourself with your wiser mind. BIG ROCKS ONLY. Do your big rocks first and always, the rest of the things will trickle down into the cracks where they belong.

I’m dying and so are you. Make your remaining minutes matter. 

Change your beliefs, change your mindset, change your behaviors, change the way you react to everything and everyone. Unlock the alternate ending to your life with one of KindEdge’s tools to drive transformation. Fuel your good intentions by embedding words into daily life. Read about embedding totems and unlocking the alternate ending to your life at

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Attach this key ring to a purse, gym bag, travel bag, laptop case, or phone case. 

.: Material: acrylic plate with TPU cover
.: Quality hardware fitting
.: Round shape
.: Key ring included

  One size
Diameter, in 1.89
Depth, in 0.29


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