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Hello from MarySue and Updates & Stuff

Published 7 days ago • 2 min read



Hello from @MarySueIRL at

I wanted to say hi and let you know that…




Big life change—to make real the alternate future you imagine—is achievable.

Your current life may feel like a million trains that have already left the station; too much is in motion for you to change direction toward your higher purpose.

But also… I’m dying.

And also… so are you.

There’s some cool-@$$, fulfilling sh*t that you were meant to do here on Earth before you go. If it’s not happening in some small way today, it may not ever happen.

Updates & Stuff

Why You Need Totems

When things get hard, our tired bodies and reactive minds are not our best advisors. We need totems to reconnect us to our higher intentions…

Totems IRL

You can take action today to get totems like these embedded into your real life.

A Book of Grand Yet Profitless Import

I’ve drafted several books but had to choose one to push over the wall first. 58,000 words tell the umbrella story of KindEdge’s value to you at any stage in life. Publisher has reviewed and now is the volley of edits, looking to December 2024 for its birthday. I’ve been advised there is no profit and mostly loss in me doing this. But my KindEdge self work has me really clear on this: I’m dying and so are you…

Help Me Help More

After decades of delays on my own purpose-filled goals, I finally figured out how to break big change down into small bite-sized tasks that I could complete even on the busiest and most frenzied days. Each small step served as one more plank in what became a bridge to a different way of living, designed by, and for me.

I’m now working to publish each worksheet and tool here on KindEdge. These steps make any big goal or change possible for anyone, even if all the trains in your life seem to have already left the station.

If you wish to support this project, I’d love your help. You could…

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Thanks for being here and dipping your toes into KindEdge. Here’s to you pushing to your edge… to make real change in small bites to arrive at the most fulfilling part of your journey.

Cheers, cin-cin and hugs.

~ @MarySueIRL