KindEdge Steps

KindEdge Steps

You can get started today—right now—with Step 1.

After you take the first step, you can skip around, explore, and complete each action according to your needs.

Phase 1:

Defining Direction

Phase 2:

Fortify the Foundation for Change: KindEdge 360

Phase 3:

Structuring Change

The key is not just to read or scan; the key is to take action and bring your intentions into the real world in physical form.

In some cases, digital tools and trackers are an option, but you’ll see that after years of trial and error, I learned the incredible difference analog tools make. In Step 1 I speak of using a physical three-ring binder and REAL paper worksheets. This is not by accident.

There is a magic in taking up space in real life. When you create a cover sheet for this binder, you’ll wince at the cringe-worthiness of this goal that friends or family might see… IRL. Getting over the cringe of honoring your goals is part of the process. And while in a given day you may not see dramatic change, you will flip through the documents in your KindEdge binder and realize “Oh my, I’ve done so much, and I’m already living differently. I can physically see it.”

The methods in the steps below all represent my own research, gathering, and testing for years until the thing that finally worked dug in a deep groove. While my life happens in my smart phone and in my PC, I carry a physical daily planner with me whose front two sections contain the condensed summaries of all the “anchors” I live by. They are patterns, rules, priorities and words that over decades of testing, floated to the top because they truly worked for me So, where I recommend that you use a tool “IRL”… please know that the best outcome is likely to occur by giving that IRL thing a real try, no matter how cringy it may be.

Beyond that, in most of the steps, I invite you to do whatever works for you. When it comes to the detailed project management of the more complex steps of reaching your goal, do whatever works for you, be that an excel spreadsheet, an online project management tool, or a physical notebook. And when it comes to doing the work, play and practice what works for you, be that waking up early before the rest of the world, or waiting for your night owl juices to rev up… whatever works for you is what works. There are 24 hours in a day, and you can turn them upside down and inside out if it makes your daily practice stick.

So on to Step 1 and beyond. Please reach out and let me know what refinements or guidance might help you along the way. I’m just a journey partner, running in parallel with you. Onward ho.