Core Concepts

Over years of refining my approach, I continually reflected on what worked, and what did not. Many best-laid plans or aspirational goals don’t end up fitting our personal rhythms, our outside commitments, or our preferences for either more structure or more flexibility. So, I have always reflected on new experiments in my life to determine if they worked for me and were practices worth keeping, or better to discard.

Through this process of experimenting with my daily schedule and practices, and continually reflecting on what worked, I identified several core tenets that always held truth.

Certain concepts always re-anchored me to the new truth I’d learned about me and the world around me. Through trial and error, I pulled away from ideal and aspirational goals and schedules, and I rather embraced the simple realities of how things really work. 

Some revelations are so simple it’s almost stupid. But if it works, it’s a keeper! 

For example, after tracking my days for many years, reflecting on which days were productive, or were not, and which days felt good or not, I identified the simplest truth. I can vastly improve how I will feel, act and enjoy a day simply by putting a bottle of water next to my bed the night before. By front-loading my hydration first thing in the morning before busy-ness hijacks my good intentions, I can literally yield better outcomes materially, emotionally, interpersonally and physically. 

So, a water bottle next to my bed at night is now a religion. It’s a keeper because it simply works IRL

Below are core concepts that can serve as anchors to a winning mindset for change. 

They often helped me do a mental clean-out of any old unproductive messages in my head, and re-anchor to a new well-tested set of truths.


Beyond these, as is noted in “Step 1” of the process, continually reflect, refine, discard, experiment, and document in your KindEdge notebook what works for you, IRL

No idealism or guru self-help book can prescribe the answers for you. You and your notes are the most powerful guidance. You-tested and you-approved ways that really work.

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