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The following are added resources that I have found valuable and are in alignment with the KindEdge mindset.

Success with any new goal requires a strong foundation in all aspects of life, what I call KindEdge 360.

The content below delivers tools that we can integrate into our lives to help us make change sustainable. The writers and research here offer practices to improve focus, manage emotions, optimize energy, and execute any plan well.

Big change takes time. Many little steps strung together is how large, complex goals are achieved. The day-to-day journey must be kind, sustainable and rewarding enough that we’ll enjoy returning to do the hard work each day.

This list is cherry-picked as there are many, many more great sources out there. I’m simply a fan of advice that is data-driven, do-able, and delivered by the root researcher (vs. the tertiary messenger or Youtuber who Youtubes about Youtubers).

Please let me know what additional resources you recommend.


Help your neurotransmitters help you feel good and get in flow.


Know how to maintain the one irreplaceable, non-disposable machine in your life.

  • Dr. Richard (Rick) J. Johnson 
  • Rangan Chatteree
    • Podcast
    • Books
  • Dave Feldman
    • Why this helps – Bleeding edge of truth about fat
    • Websites
    • Fat Metabolism Video


Purpose and meaning are the root of all and make work effortless. Fortifying the soul starts with clarifying your purpose and the meaning in all that you do.

  • Victor Frankl


Garbage in, garbage out. Good stuff in, good stuff out. By your own design, everything that you allow in through your five senses will return either further good, or further garbage.

  • Cal Newport – Productivity
    • Podcast
    • Books


Intentions are good, but actions are what make an impact and drive learning. Every human’s brain is different but we all must lean on a certain set of tools and methods to wrangle our intentions into behaviors that actually move our goals forward in real life. I have cherry-picked, tested, and assembled practices I’ve gleaned from myriad resources to end up with a recipe that works for me. Give all of these ways a try and figure out what works for you.

  • Jane Lorem

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