“Wildchild” Tag


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Wildchild” Tag hooks to gym bag, luggage, or an spot where you will see it in your home or car to remind you to unleash your inner wildchild. You always have goals, responsibilities, pressures and challenges… address them all with your inner “wildchild.” Heading to a boring business conference? Challenge yourself to meet new people, ask adventurous questions and sign up for explorative events. Buy that plane ticket to a place on the other side of the earth. Walk up and ask the owner of a shop if they can customize something for you. Dream of something WILD you can do… TODAY… and then do it. 

Why embed inspiring words into objects in your daily life?

Fuel your good intentions to “Unlock the alternate ending to your life” by embedding words into daily life. Read about embedding totems and unlocking the alternate ending to your life at KindEdge.com. The first step to making big change is to find words that inspire you and embed them into daily life to catch your mind in all the small moments and redirect it toward your higher purpose. 


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Acrylic travel tag comes with a business card insert on the back and a durable leather strap.

.: Material: 100% acrylic
.: One size: 2.4” × 4” (6 × 10cm)
.: One printed side with glossy finish
.: Adjustable leather strap
.: Rear opening for business card

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