Latte Mug Reads “Expect It”


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Latte Mug Reads “Expect It”

In life, if you swallow the truth, you will gain superpowers that enable you to stop dropping your jaw and throwing yourself off your purposeful path every time a jerk behaves like a jerk. Whether it’s a friend, lover, competitor, employer or business, if you saw the first red flag, stop throwing your arms up in the air and getting in a tizzy for another day. EXPECT IT. You will smooth out your own purposeful path if you swallow the truth that some people, and some organizations, and some environments are just not going to feed your mission. It’s on YOU to make the big life changes that fill your days with fewer of these bozos and more of the people and things that buoy your goals.

Expect it. And know that no matter what re-promises are made to draw you back in… if there was one red flag in the past, you should EXPECT IT and plan accordingly.

Change your beliefs, change your mindset, change your behaviors, change the way you react to everything and everyone. Unlock the alternate ending to your life with one of KindEdge’s tools to drive transformation. Fuel your good intentions by embedding words into daily life. Read about embedding totems and unlocking the alternate ending to your life at


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.: Custom latte mugs, 12oz (0.35 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle
.: 100% ceramic

Height, in 4.02
Diameter , in 3.70


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