Secret meaning “Electroshocks Only” Hockey Puck


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Secret meaning “Electroshocks Only” Hockey Puck

What the meaning of “Electroshocks Only?” You can find out at 

The key is knowing that the pursuit of any goal, dream, or big change will require you to employ rugged strength. It takes powerful force to pile-drive your goals through all the counter currents in life. Transformation is not a polite, flexible, reasonable act. You must be bold and demand that all the people and environments that seek to pull you off your path step aside. You’ve got big stuff to get done before you die. And that could be tomorrow. This little totem is one of many KindEdge tools to help you remember the force required to drive forth the project of YOU.

Change your beliefs, change your mindset, change your behaviors, change the way you react to everything and everyone. Unlock the alternate ending to your life with one of KindEdge’s tools to drive transformation. Fuel your good intentions to “Unlock the alternate ending to your life” by embedding words into daily life. Read about embedding totems and unlocking the alternate ending to your life at

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.: Material: 100% rubber
.: Black standard-sized puck 3″ (7.6cm)

.: One-sided print (Maker Viceroy logo on the side)

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