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I’m excited to announce that efforts toward continual improvement on the impacts of International Women’s Day have yielded a policy change that will have a measurable impact. Instead of the prior one day per year recognition of women on Earth, we are updating the annual March 8-only event to rather include all days from March 9 through and including March 7 annually. This is a 36,300% improvement!


Unfortunately, as corporations still own March 8, women are S.O.L. for that one day, but hey, be thankful for the gains you can get, am I right? March 8th is of strategic importance for leading companies as it is a “reason to be heard.” Hosting International Women’s Day events and promotions is an indisputably altruistic means of being heard. Corporate marketers need causes like that. Talking about International Women’s Day helps companies tap into one of the highest producing and lowest cost labor pools in the world. It ensures that when the company wants to break into a new market, city, country, or deal they are welcomed and perceived as one of the good guys. And shareholders value them highly for the same reason. Companies profit from positive perceptions.

Corporate events that give a targeted audience attention are actually designed to give far more attention to the corporate brand behind it. Many such marketing tactics can be a legitimate win-win. But it is not altruism. It is a profitable strategy.

If your organization gives you a day off of work to hear speeches, go, enjoy, network. But I don’t recall reading that Gandhi waited around for Gandhi Day. I haven’t seen Oprah Magazine’s cover left blank until Oprah gets her one Oprah Day. I have yet to hear news of Trump or Putin putting themselves on pause until their one-of-365 comes along. And I’m positive that even if it was outlawed in 195 countries globally, Julian Assange will enjoy a piece of Julian Day Cake every day of his clandestine existence. Regardless of whether you are a man, woman, elder, or youth, and even if you identify as a left-handed five-string banjo-playing, mohawk-wearing, black, white, and purple-striped triple-reverse-non-binary conservative-voting nature-loving carnivore humanitarian, do you 365.

Don’t wait in queue for a goody-bag and sage advice from anyone who profits from your presence. They are not evil, but no one can drive your agenda but you.

Now go, grab your 364+1… and also, enjoy the good you can do on March 8.

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