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Run tests.  Ask “what works?”  Do that and…  Run more tests…


I grew up in Chicago and have lived in the Silicon Valley, the Carolinas, South Africa, Scotland, and now Florida. I’ve traveled to many places and I most cherish trips wherein I can blend locally. Alone in Beijing, Shanghai, Rome and more, I wandered down back alleys, up rickety staircases and dined in family-run restaurants not accustomed to tourists. Travel is best when it feeds your ears, eyes and notebook as much as your entertainment and gustatory desires.

I have some important anchors in my life. One is a blend of legacy and ikigai–a continually-narrowing definition of my purpose. I seek to express the stuff that my brain naturally oozes in a way that delivers value to others as a way to leave something unique behind for my sons.

KindEdge | Unlock the Alternate Ending to Your Life | Mary Sue BoatingAnother anchor is something I call “infinite self-kaizen.” Kaizen, continual improvement, is, for me, a form of forgiving reflection and movement toward greater aspirations. Without judgment, I continually reflect on what worked in my day, and what I might do less of. I am continually pruning and seeking, from skills, to mindsets, to permissions, to people, to environments and experiences.

I have also been circling around the concept of techne: making and building “In Real Life” in order to hone a skill and art through practice vs. theory. The real world is our teacher; it bounces back at us when we misfire. With the mindset of self-kaizen, there is no judgment as we experiment in life, only learning and improved aim.

Anytime there seem to be too many goals, too many options, and too many solutions to too many problems, I anchor to the essence of what we should be doing here: 

Run tests. Ask “what works?” Do that. And run more tests.

My social media links below share more about my corporate communications consulting background, education (go Deacs!) and more. At my core I’m a truther with a keyboard; I write to express the stripped-down realities of the world in which I live. I am a social introvert whose kryptonite is small talk; when parties devolve into surface-level chatter I look for a dog to play with or start shooting popcorn at people’s heads. I’ve jumped into pools fully-clothed to avoid small talk. I am disciplined and planful; I keep excel spreadsheet lists of my excel spreadsheet lists (you think I’m joking…) I do not gossip and I avoid people I hear whispering “and she this, and she that…” I befriend people who hold themselves accountable for creating their own conversation-worthy stories. I believe quiet is often wiser and braver than loud. Truth is braver and a better growth-catalyst than denial or chameleonism.

We are all here to use what we learn in a way that lifts others. 

Life is a relay race; do not fear impermanence.

When you pass the baton…


A few more bits and ends to paint a more full, if pixelated, picture.

  • I am committed to purpose-driven transformation; I work to build tools to simplify this effort for all.
  • A video journal entry on a key turning point in my journey
  • My “me too” story which illustrates the many ways we get pulled into living others’ lives
  • A little outside-the-blog background

Zero Carb * Intermittent Fasting * Autoimmune Protocol * Pescavore * Grain-free Dairy-free Seed-oil-free Sugar-free Sweetener-free * Celiac * Hashimoto’s * Stage III Metastasized Thyroid Cancer * Carabiner Codependency * Five-string Bluegrass Fan * Classical Ballet * Yoga * Outward Bound * Door County, Wisconsin * South Africa * Scotland * Stand-up Comedy * Silicon Valley * Florida * Chicago * Francophilia * Sarcasm * Essentialism & Minimalism * Warm Weather & Waters * Neurotransmitter Optimization * Natural Bio Optimization * Dry Wine * Hero’s Journey * Sashimi * Travel.

I’m the proud student of my best teacher, Donovan, a loving English lab. And the fraction of microseconds it would take for me to volunteer my life for my sons is too small to measure. I will proudly leave this earth having replaced myself with two exponentially higher value humans.

I love Mondays. I don’t make new year’s resolutions. And I want to work until the day I die.

– MarySueIRL

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I’m committed to sharing this series of action and decision guides; they daisy chain into a bridge to real change. When all the guru inspo and self-help books failed, I created these to guide myself like I guide my change management clients and it finally worked.

Author Bio

KindEdge.com is a collection of bite-sized action steps that help people make transformational changes in their lives, even when there seems to be no time in the day to get such grand endeavors in motion.

I built this suite of guides for myself. They enabled me to pile-drive my dreams through the chaos that was my life. After decades of consuming self-help and guru content I remained stuck and running in circles. I only saw true progress when I applied my consulting “change management” approach to my own life. I developed short, well-defined decision and action tools that enabled me to see progress every day, even if life landed me in the emergency room lobby at midnight to tend to a child’s sports injury.

I now live a fundamentally different and better life that I designed for myself. I wake up every day energized to live out my purpose and enjoy a daily arc that fits me. I’m a mom of two incredible young men and one beloved black lab. I’ve lived in many cities within the US and abroad and I call St Pete home. Read more at: https://kindedge.com/about-mary/.

Now here’s to you pushing to your edge… to make real change and arrive at the most fulfilling part of this journey.

Cheers, cin-cin and hugs.

~ @MarySueIRL