Everybody’s a professional communicator…

… with the right tools

Running any organization in a digital era requires expert communication skills

With the right tools and templates, every organization from large global corporations to local clubs and non-profits can operate according to world-class best practices.

The effectiveness with which your organization communicates is your handshake with the world. You’ve got to ensure you are planful and precise in the way you inform, influence and engage. Every audience, from customers, to employees, to shareholders to members of the communities in which your organization operates, holds the power to influence your organization’s reputation.

Large organizations employ massive, matrixed teams of expert professional communicators to ensure they can deliver the right messages to the company’s various audiences on a global scale. Yet organizations of all sizes now need to operate with the same degree of expertise. Organizations need proven tools and templates to help them lay out what to say, when, to whom, and via what operational processes and structures.

Whether you’re running a hyper growth startup, a non-profit, and educational entity, a religious organization, a government organization, or a club, you need to protect your image, proactively manage perceptions, and functionally inform all of your organization’s stakeholders.

In this site I’m sharing tools that have proven the test of time and that tend to serve as core anchors to any communications program. How do we define and address the concerns of all our audiences? How do we structure a communications function across our organization and how do we define roles and responsibilities? How do we communicate our current strategy to our people and ensure we are returning to its core tenets in multiple communications throughout the year? How do we open the door to feedback from all our audiences and what do we do with that?

The templates in this site guide you through a structured set of steps, enabling you to wrangle all the research, planning and special considerations into a concise, share-able, actionable plan. Each tool comes with an exemplar and instructions. But if you have questions, just give me a buzz.

My experience with large-scale global corporate communications strategy and change management leaves me as the go-to for colleagues in smaller organizations who need a little advice on how to structure and launch priority initiatives within their organizations. It always comes down to handing them one of my proven tools, offering a little explanation on how to use it, and they’re off and running in a world-class way.

There is a “right fit” for every company. Some need a long-term, complex, matrixed communications operation and others simply need a way to structure the small functio nthey have. But every organization can benefit from a tried-and-true templates that avoid reinventing the wheel. That’s why I’ve decided to take the tools my peers ask for the most, and deliver them here, for you.

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